are you a surfer?

Did you know your melanoma risk is 120x higher than the average Australian?

This is why we have created Surf Hats inspired by the energy the ocean gives us. Our Surf hats all come with optional legionnaires flaps to give you maximum #plowdnproud protection

With all the features that keep them on, and you covered - so that you'll actually wear them plow after plow


surf hats

Shop Surf Hats + Caps for Super Groms up to Super Melons, we gotchu all

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plow swim has arrived!

Excited is an understatement. It's a limited run, but we've given you lots of options!

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beach shade

Shade Bathing is our new ting, we've got shade big enough to share

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Slu* for some merch? Same... #plowdnproud

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