Sun Safety Battle: Surf Bucket Hat vs. Surf Cap

Today we're delving into a discussion that's a hot topic, considering what we've recently launched – the dilemma of choosing between the classic Surf Bucket Hat and the contemporary Surf Cap. Let's dissect this debate with a focused lens on sun safety. Let's navigate through the pros and cons of each option and make an informed decision.

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The Surf Bucket Hat

Allow me to commence our analysis with the enduring symbol of surf culture – the bucket hat (plow hat in particular).
Envision this scenario: you're venturing into the sun-drenched waters, ready to conquer the waves. The expansive brim of the bucket hat diligently safeguards your face, neck, and shoulders from the sun's formidable rays. An advantageous feature of our bucketed surf hats is the detachable legionnaire flaps, offering an additional layer of sun protection to your neck. A dual-defense approach against the sun's assault.


  1. Comprehensive Sun Shield: The wide brim provides a holistic shield against the sun reaching your face, neck, and shoulders.
  2. Enhanced Neck Coverage: The removable legionnaire flaps are an invaluable feature for those who prioritize safeguarding their neck area.
  3. Time-Honored Appeal: The bucket hat has a timeless aesthetic that resonates with surfers of all ages.
  4. Versatility in Style: Beyond the waves, the bucket hat effortlessly transitions into a fashion statement on land.


  1. Restricted Peripheral Vision: The brim might impede peripheral vision, potentially affecting quick response during critical moments (I personally dissagree, but then again you won't see me out any bigger than 1-2ft).
  2. Aqua & Aerodynamics: if it's not tightened securely or tilting your head correctly, wind and water can prove to be elements of power, catching under the brim and pulling it off.

The Surf Cap

Transitioning to a more contemporary contender, let's explore the attributes of the surf cap. Defined by its sleek and streamlined silhouette, the surf cap caters to those inclined toward a modern aesthetic. The visor extends its protection to the face, while the detachable legionnaire flaps offer comprehensive coverage for the neck. 


  1. Modern Elegance: The surf cap has a simple charm, ideally suited for those who embrace simplicity in their style choices.
  2. Targeted Glare Protection: The front visor counteracts sun glare, enhancing your visual acuity during surf activities.
  3. Compact Convenience: A notable trait is its compactness, allowing for easy portability and storage.
  4. Wind-Resistant: The absence of an extended brim diminishes susceptibility to wind-related disturbances.


  1. Limited Neck Safeguard: If you choose not to wear the legionnaire flap, while the visor addresses facial protection, it will not offer the same extent of coverage as a bucket hat's brim to the neck area.
  2. Relative Sun Shade: The visor, while effective, won't not match the comprehensive shade provided by a bucket hat's brim.

Final Verdict: Your Personal Choice!

In the pursuit of selecting the most suitable option, the choice between a surf bucket hat and a surf cap rests entirely on your individual preferences and surf practices. The bucket hat, with its extensive coverage and timeless charm, caters to those who value maximum #plowdnproud sun protection. Conversely, the surf cap, characterised by its contemporary finesse, is tailor-made for individuals who seek a balance between sun safety and style.

We have always known that a cap won't provide the same sun protection as a bucket hat, which is why we didn't launch our brand with them. With a limited budget, we chose to go for the maximum sun safety factor of the bucket hats, but now we feel its time to give the people what they want... (me, I want a cap, I've always wanted a cap 😆)

Ultimately, whether you're a bucket hat aficionado or a devotee of the surf cap, Plow Surf Co. has curated a range that resonates with your inclinations. Whichever path you choose, prioritise sun safety as an integral facet of your surfing routine, both with our hats AND other forms of sun protection.
Prevention is better than a cure.

Wishing you memorable rides and sun-smart choices, Grace 🏄‍♀️🌞

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