hello from plow surf co.

Last summer, with what freedom we had, we gave a good hot crack at spending as much time in, near or on the ocean as possible. But my oh my did that result in a world of pain. No amount of spf50+ can protect us from that sunshine.

The best way to avoid sun damage = avoid the sun.
The best way to avoid sun damage while surfing = PLOW HATS.
Solution: cover up!

Let’s think back to last summer, before the new wrinkles set in and before you shed that layer of skin. You’re paddling out before that next set comes in, sun is shining, and you are NOT squinting. Your plow hat is securely fastened under your chin. You look around, and not only are old seasoned surfers wearing their surf hats, but your mates are wearing surf hats and so is that cutie to your right. It’s a sea of orange, pink and green. It’s a sea full of the #plowdnproud.

We know the sun is bad for us. But why don’t we wear hats while out in the water? They’re ugly. This season we want the above to be the reality. We want us all out there feeling good as hell. We deserve to feel cute while surfing! Let’s start expressing ourselves and protecting ourselves through our surf wear in fun colours and prints that show who us surfers truly are.

We don’t have to learn from our own mistakes - we can learn from the mistakes of the old dudes out there now wearing the zinc, and the long sleeve rashy, and the HATS! 
That UV is strong and we can Plow but we cannot hide! 

Facts are facts; 2/3 Australians WILL have a skin cancer by the time they’re 70 (scary)(https://wiki.cancer.org.au/skincancerstats/Skin_cancer_incidence_and_mortality).
I can guarantee every one of you know someone who has had it, a mum, uncle, friend who has had a skin cancer cut out.
So ask around, and if you don’t know anyone - you’re wrong.
No, we’re not telling you plow is your ticket to safety but it sure will help.

These hats are well made, sturdy and sports ready.
Plow those waves and have those waves plow you with your hat staying put.

Let’s get plow’d and let’s get plow’d with confidence.

Happy Plow Season.

With love xx PLOW SURF CO.

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