Surf Hat Size Guide

Surf Hat Size Guide - how to measure your head

How to measure your head for a Plow Surf Hat:

Surf Hat Sizing Guide - how to measure your head

1. Wrap measuring tape across your forehead

2. Above your ears

3. And to the widest part at the back of your head.

Each plow bucket hat sizes up in intervals of 2cm.

For example, if your head measures at 59cm SIZE UP not down in bucket hat sizes as it will NOT stretch
You will need a Size Large 60cm hat.

If you size up, there are dual tightening mechanisms, pull the elastic toggle and/or the velcro strap to get a snug fit.

Bucket Hats:
Each size fits head circumference up to the maximum cm displayed on the hat size.
Always size up if you are unsure. The bucket hats can be tightened but not loosened.
Surf Caps:
Extremely adjustable!
Extra Small (grom) can fit a baby up to small adult, with the strap either loosened or tightened.
Medium (adult) is standard adult size, fits up to a Super Melon when loosened.
If you are unsure of your head size, we recommend grabbing a tape measure and measuring up!
Heads sizes are a funny thing, and although plow hats are versatile with their dual tightening straps, a toddler could get away with the Large... It’s just bloody nice having a hat that fits you snug. 

We've got toddlers, kids, teens, men, women / adults covered 😎

Try it on first!
If you’d like to try on a hat for size before buying, check out the Stockist List and try them there - I’m sure they’d love to sell to you straight from their store too!