What even is a Surf Hat?

What even is a Surf Hat?

Any hat can be a surf hat. But not any hat will stay on in the surf.
Surf hats come in a few variances, but they all share a few things in common…
A chin strap that keeps it on, quick drying fabric & they’re usually worn by a freakin legend.

Surf hats aren’t tied to the sport of surfing like their name suggests, they are all terrain hats, and can be used while undertaking all sorts of activities in and out of the water. Being made to withstand wipeouts in the ocean means that Plow Surf Hats make the best surf hats, sports hats and every day hats.

What makes a Surf Hat a Surf Hat?

A good surf hat will have a comfortable chin strap. 
Some have just a classic draw string, but ours and most others have a snug neoprene chin strap. These neoprene chin straps allow a snug fit that hugs your chin - it won’t feel like you’re being choked or have your skin pulled. When getting smashed in the waves, the brim is going to get dragged by the water and it’ll want to fly off - having the straps on your plow hat on snug will give you the best chance of keeping it on, and without rope burns around your neck like a regular draw string might give you.

If we want you to want to wear your hat - it needs to be comfortable enough to reach for it time and time again!

Most hats aren’t made for being worn in the water, and in particular the ocean. A natural fibre fabric wouldn’t handle it, would erode quickly and take forever to dry. 
A good surf hat will be made from a synthetic fibre, which means it’ll be light weight and dry quickly.

Always hang them up after use to air out, damp = mould = dank.

What is a Surf Hat?

An even better surf hat will be made out of Recycled Materials where possible, just like our Plow Surf Hats which have a Recycled Nylon outer made from Post Consumer Waste. We’re super proud of creating sustainable surf hats and are always working to source better materials. 

It’s fair to say that Surf Hats are the ultimate hat to wear while surfing AND everyday. We recommend our Plow Surf Hats every time you head outdoors, for comfort while being #plowdnproud & protected from the sun. 

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