quality vs sustainability

When it comes down to it, all surfers are lovers of the ocean. We’d say we’re all greenies to a point. When initially planning plow, we made it a priority to use recycled materials with the thought process being why would we add any new plastic to the world or ocean when you simply don’t have to. 

So yes this is front of mind, but, we tried and sampled recycled materials and at this point in time we struggled to find recycled polyester that would stand the tests of quality. Whats the point of using them if they're crappy and end up in land fill within months. We have used fabric that has the quality needed for the intensity of the ocean.

All of our hats are packaged in biodegradable packaging, and shipped in home compostable satchels. 

As a startup sports/surf brand, we have focussed on quality, and we are striving for our products to be long lasting! We don’t want seasonal fast fashion, we are getting our sustainability through being designed to last!

These are not regular hats, these are sports hats designed to take on all elements and salt water causes much more abrasion to a fabric than purely air and sweat. 

Plow surf hats are designed for sports and performance wear. 

  • With the stiff front beak to avoid flopping when wet - we need 100% visibility at all times.
  • Comfortable chin strap to secure for no flying off during wipeouts.
  • The net lined gap at the back of our bucket hats to allow for water escape to once again stop the hat from flying off. And netted lining of the entire head which absolutely reduces the hat slipping around on your head.
  • Dual tightening mechanisms at the back to ensure it fits each of your noggins (if you have a head >60cm circumference please come forward to us and we will try to sort you out). 

In planning for next season, yes it will be a priority to source a material which equals the current quality and looks after our planet too!

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