International Womens Day 2024

In 2024 International Women’s Day campaign theme is “Inspire Inclusion”.

I guess it’s only right for us to put a spotlight on the women in our lives that do just that!

Since starting Plow, we (lol ‘I, Grace’) have had the pleasure of working with some bloody amazing women who as cringe as it is… inspire the shit out of me.

It’s kinda nice to have a day like this to reflect and realise the impact these people have on you, and the more and more people we meet through Plow, the more I realise there really are still so many women looking for a safe space in the surfing world. Me, I’m scared, I’m still such a kook out there - and then I meet these chics, who have created amazing communities so that women don’t have to feel like kooks alone! And it’s weird because I’ve gotten to know them through the business, in one way we’re on an equal level cause we’re working together, but in another - I just love to be submerged in their inclusive energy as if I’m attending their events for the pure fun it!


It’ll be a long one if we list every legend we’ve met over the last few years but some stand outs are Xahlia from Surfaris Crescent Head, Alecia & Spence from Go Go Gurfers, and Libby & Luisa from Manly Womens Surf Society <3s

If you’ve met these people, you just know that what they’ve created with their groups isn’t just a business venture or a phase. These groups become family, and you can’t lie about that kind of authenticity, nor can’t fake that level of energy. Each time I’ve been at a She Babeau weekend, or even done a cheeky stop in to Crescent on my road trips, I’m welcomed into Xahlias home without a bat of an eye lid and you know what, it feels bloody good to be there. She Babeau has been a place where I’ve had fun with friends, made new friends and learnt a lot about surfing! 

Alecia and Spence, the first time I met them was a sunrise surf in Geroa, back when they were the Gong Gurfers, which they fashionably slept in for and rocked up like a whirl wind, spoke so confidently and cheered a bunch of women on in the ocean. And I just thought… how the bloody hell are these young girls standing here in front of me so confidently bringing all these chickie babes together HOW NICE IS THIS!

Manly Women Surf Society, I only met Luisa and Libby late last year when their group was just a fresh baby, but again, I found nearly an exact replica of what had happened with the gogo gurfers… Girlie Pops that didn’t want to brave the ocean alone while they were working on their confidence, and had the vulnerability to say to their communities - hey, we are here, and we want to be surrounded by more people who feel the way we do! But most importantly to have fun doing it together.

I dunno… I absolutely believe that Plow is an inclusive space and here for everyone, but gosh I don’t think I have it in me to do what these guys do - bringing people together like this is, confidently for the collective power of having a bunch of women on a mission to support each other and bring each other up - whether its in the Surf or just with their energy. It’s pretty special.

Inspired by the energy the ocean gives us, but also inspired by the energy of the women around us

Happy International Womens day

Lots of love,



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