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  • What even is a Surf Hat?

    Any hat can be a surf hat.
    But not any hat will stay on in the surf.

    Surf hats come in a few variances, but they all share a few things in common…
    A chin strap that keeps it on, quick drying fabric & they’re usually worn by a freakin legend.
  • quality vs sustainability

    When it comes down to it, all surfers are lovers of the ocean. We’d say we’re all greenies to a point. When initially planning plow, we made it a priority...
  • hello from plow surf co.

    Last summer, with what freedom we had, we gave a good hot crack at spending as much time in, near or on the ocean as possible.  
    But my oh my did that result in a world of pain. No amount of spf50+ can protect us from that sunshine...