About Plow Surf Co.

plow surf co. surf bucket hat at snapper rocks with beach umbrella and longboard


Plow is run by me, Grace.

My passion for sun safety has stemmed from a family history of skin cancer and a nursing background. After loosing an Aunt to Melanoma a few years ago, having a Ginger complexion and living on the East Coast of Australia has left a burning desire to make sun safety a priority and a little more enticing.

Plow Surf Co. originated from a need to be protected from the sun in the surf, for everyone who needs more than just a plain old dad hat.

Plow was launched in December 2021, after a previous summer of searching for surf hats with personality and realising we had to do it ourselves! Everything on the market was plain black or grey... surely there were others out there holding back from wearing them due to the simple fact that they didn't feel confident in them.
Obviously they did have the same woes cause they’ve been a great success, so much so we’ve come back for a third season. And have expanded our size range to fit any and every noggin, from super groms, our XS fits a toddler up to about 6 years old, and the XL caters for the Super Noggins that usually struggle to get a hat on!

Keeping quality and sustainability at the forefront of design, our hats are made of Post Consumer Recycled Nylon outer, and we are constantly working towards sourcing more sustainable materials. We are most proud of the quality of our hats, and you can be confident that you'll be plowing in them for years to come.

Let’s encourage a little sun safety among surfers with fun signature prints inspired by the energy the ocean gives us, that make you want to wear your surf hat every time!

Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing the love with me #plowdnproud

Lots of Love

Grace x