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Plow Surf Co.

Paddle Pop Surf Cap

Paddle Pop Surf Cap

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Paddle Pop

The Paddle Pop Surf Cap is our colour pop while you paddle, for those who despise the visibility that bucket hats supposedly impair.

In all honesty... it's only taken us this long to release a surf cap, because we had a limited budget and figured the first two seasons we'd go for maximum #plowdnproud suns safety with Bucket Hats.

Two sizes available, XS Grom & M Standard Adult - Mini Melons you can get away with either sizes! Check our Size Guide for more info on head sizes

It's what we've all been waiting for!
And of course, in our signature colourway


  • recycled nylon outer
  • firm beak
  • netted lining - reduces slipping
  • velcro tightening mechanism
  • 5 panel cap design
  • soft neoprene chin strap
  • optional: legionnaires flap (with elastic to stretch with your super melons)

Colour: Salmon + Blue + Green + Pink 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Best colours

    It’s super secure and the colours are epic. Thank you.

    Love the Plow Surf Cap

    Proud to be behind a young Aussie Start up producing Quality Surf Caps!
    Good on you Grace for having a go and doing a good job of it.
    Great Colours and good Quality.
    Andrew Dripping Wet Surf

    Best Surf Hat I’ve Ever Worn

    This hat is incredible!! I surfed for an hour and a half, 3ft and barreling, and not once did this thing fall off. Duck diving, getting smashed inside tubes, it stayed on my head the whole time and I didn’t even have to adjust it once. Super comfortable, the ear pads keep the water out of my ears too. My nose and neck didn’t get burnt. I am so impressed I told another surfer about it and he said he was going to order one straight away. Thanks Plow Surf Co, you really came through with the goods on this one!